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Limbs are very useful for lots of niches, so I wouldn't be surprised if we eventually saw snakes dragging themselves along with their fangs, modified scales, or ribs. Since ribs are important, maybe only alternating ribs poke through the skin to give stilts that are controlled by muscles within the body. Maybe short sections of a couple ribs in several places along the body could extend to form primitive legs. Unlike the stilts, these legs would stay within skin, and muscles between rib pairs could control motion. This is more plausible for a lineage that adopts inchworm-like locomotion, with ribs that regularly contact the ground specializing into stubby feet.


The "Dragging themselves along with their fangs." is an interesting concept to play with. Inchworm locomotion looks more plausible.


Well, this all depends on if the snaked had limbs in the first place. If it is based on our snakes then maybe a few hundred years to get limbs really set for some species and not just a species more often having limbs then others


Arms and legs could evolve back as some snakes have a bone or two still in there, but it’s more likely that prehensile tails and toungs will develop.